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Job Titles:

Paper Boy

Altar Boy

Grocery Bagger

Grocery Produce Stocker

Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

Paint and Wallpaper Clerk

Kmart Sporting Goods Clerk

Optical Lens Grinder

Bijou Theater Ticket Taker / Candy Counter

Paper Company - Factory Worker


Microbiology Lab Tech. - Teachung Lab.


Clinical Microbiology Tech. - Hospital Lab.

DNA Sequencer

Biochemistry Lab Manager

Greenhouse Manager

Apartment Property Manager

Archeology Asst. - France

English Language Instructor - France

Sister Cities Ambasador - Grenoble/Phoenix

Disc Duplicator

Bar Doorman

Research Asst.

Research Specialist

Database Manager

UNIX Client Support

Technical Client Support


Engineering Asst.


Director of MIS

Programmer Analyst

Election Official

Systems Analyst

Adjunct Faculty - College Professor

Book Dealer

Book Appraiser

Business Owner


Michael Home

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